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Chicken Scratch – Monday, September 30, 2019



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September 30, 2019

Good Morning from the coup, 

We birds sure are hoping for some cooler weather soon.  


The hens had a little meeting this morning while scratching for worms and grubs and discussed the governor’s race.  The general consensus of the flock is that we never hear from the governor and now he is everywhere.  No surprise to us birds, and as we said before, he is appealing big to the black vote.  We noticed black supporters waving Edwards’ signs on the bridge recently and signs all over black areas of town.  But when we flew across the bridge into East Natchitoches, the Edwards’ signs were few.  We birds wonder why the black voters are fooled by Democrats who appear at election time with promises, but never live up to those promises and then they are gone until the next election.

Mr. Rooster watched at a distance the city council meeting regarding the new tax and then we all read the letters to the editor in the Chicken Times.  It seems that the mayor got caught not telling all the details and many feel like he has been deceptive.  It was also pointed out that the city does not seem to be concerned about jobs and growth in those letters and we birds agree.  For too long, the city seems to be only concerned with tourism.  City leaders seem satisfied with Alliance and Pilgrims Pride, (thankfully, we are in the egg laying business), and it’s simply not enough.  If nothing is done, it might affect the next city elections, especially this new tax.  We will say that councilman Eddie Harrington had a lot of guts to buck the vote and seems to be an independent refreshing voice on the council. 

On another note, we chickens are happy the elections will be over in a couple of weeks.  Things  seemed to have quieten down a bit with no mudslinging this past week.  We birds feel like we have 3 excellent candidates in the sheriff’s race and that our parish will be in good hands regardless.  Mr. Chicken made a good point when he explained that the sheriff’s office is a 17 million dollar entity and the job is more administrative.  We birds think Stuart Wright has all the qualifications needed as he has dealt with all of those areas over his long career.  Although he has never been a road deputy, it is noted that Sheriff Jones has not made an arrest in 20 years.  But, we birds do like all the candidates and those that don’t have experience in all areas would surely fill those positions with people who are capable and qualified.

Over in Sabine Parish, Mr. Red Rooster reports that things are quiet there also.  He says that there are many who are very upset at the current and past assessor and the fact that their property has not been re-assessed in many years.  He is being told that the increases are so bad that many houses and camps have gone on the market for sale, especially out on the lake.  The assessor’s race is also interesting with a past assessor running who might be caught up in the controversy.  Mr. Red Rooster thinks the clerk’s race is close and gives the edge to Pollie Brandon.   Mr. Red Rooster reports the Senate race is quiet.  In the State Representative District 24 race, we noted last time that Dr. Greg Lord has a pending lawsuit against him, but will not be heard before the election.  Rodney Schamerhorn has not seemingly come out to discuss the suit or investigate the particulars.

That’s it from the coup this morning. Hope  everyone has a great week and that it finally cools off soon!

Mr. Chicken


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