Letter to the Editor from John M. Jett | Around The Town


John M. Jett


Dear Editor:

The “elections” are bearing down on us at a rapid clip! This year, we have been blessed with a “field” of very competent, humble Christian Conservative Republicans. There will be tough times as we try to choose “the best” candidate for our respective areas. There is one candidate that we all know very well. Sabine Parish Sheriff Ronny Richardson. I have known this man for many years. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with him during our Trooper years. Now, well I work for the citizens of Sabine Parish and he just happens to now sign my check (instead of the Governor)! There are several things I have learned through the years about this guy is that he is trustworthy, he is honest, he conducts himself with utmost professionalism and has a driving desire to continue to serve the great folks of Sabine Parish. Sheriff Ronny Richardson has already spent most of his adult life in the service of others; “Service before Self!” He truly has a “servants heart.” He is a man of honor with the purest intentions; to help Sabine Parish be a safe community for our families and friends. He is a man of strong Christian faith and has set his moral compass very high. Sabine Parish has been blessed to have such a man of integrity as Sheriff Ronny Richardson. It is now our time to show our support for his great leadership. He’s your Sheriff! Show your support and admiration and reward him now for “a job well done!” Get out and vote! And when you are in that booth and it’s only you and your own convictions, I hope you choose Ronny Richardson and help him continue to serve you! VOTE Ronny Richardson!

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