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Chicken Scratch

August 19, 2019

Hello from the coup, Monday sure does come around quickly.  After a round in the yard and out by the road, the hens came back really cackling about all the trash out by the road.  It seems that people just don’t care or have any respect these days and you can see that by the beer cans, bottles and Walmart bags all over the place. Mr. Chicken thinks the police should start crackin’ down on litter bugs and the fines should be increased.   It is ashamed that people just don’t care about our area, for those that throw out trash, you should be ashamed.

     Mr. Rooster says local politics has been kinda slow this week.  We read in the Daily Scratch that the lawsuit against the Natchitoches Parish Government went nowhere.  Seems to be a waste of time to us chickens kind like the democrats who won’t give up on impeaching the President, just a waste of tax money.  All us birds still excited to see most of the Parish council with opposition.   We don’t need a change in our government, we need a change at the council level.  In between layin’ eggs, we all agreed Ward, Paige, and Bedgood need to go home.  We are thankful they all have plenty of opposition.  Mr. Rooster thinks the Sheriff’s race is heating up and we might see some mudslinging on the way, especially in the Parish Presidents Race.  The hens think that some of the black qualifiers for Parish President might end up doing some of the mudslinging.  Mr. Chicken and Mr. Rooster think they were put in the race to take votes away from John Richmond.  Of course, we love John, he is a highly qualified candidate and pays us chickens a visit on a regular basis.  The old hen says she really likes Joe Morgan, but wonders how he will overcome a majority black district.  He is well known and liked, so who knows.  Maybe the voters are tired of Chris Paige and his negative ways.  All he seems to think about is changing the government back to the police jury which we think would be a huge mistake.
     We birds have noticed a lot of support for Steve Rachal.  At first we did not think Rachal would be a factor, but he seems to be working very hard.  Stuart Wright and Steve Pezant still hold the lead in our opinion but anything could happen. We all are thinking runoff for sure.
Now, some chicken scratch about the drug and theft problems around Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes.  It seems that the druggies that steal for their meth don’t get much time from the judges in Natchitoches and Sabine Parishes.  The sheriff detectives are overloaded and citizens are upset that their cases are not solved.  The hens keep cackling that the problem will never be solved as long as the druggies get short stays in the detention centers and know they will get out with barely a slap.  Many of the defenders have been in court so many times, the judges know them well, but for some reason, sentences seem to remain unreasonable.  This problem must be solved, or it may be solved at election time.  The District Attorneys blame the problem on the judges, but we birds think it might be a problem with both.  
Mr. Red Rooster from Sabine Parish tells us the assessor controversy is not going away soon, and nobody seems to be able to shed light on the truth.  It seems that assessments are very high and no doubt this will certainly affect the assessor race in Sabine parish. voters are gonna look hard and past incumbents and current deputy assessors will have to explain to have a chance to be elected.  Certain candidates might get a big push from this and by the way there is a candidate that qualified at the last moment.  Mr. Red Rooster will have to give us some feedback.
Another race in Sabine Parish has not really started, but Mr. Red Rooster says one of the two candidates might have some glass house issues to deal with.  Mr. Red Rooster has not provided us birds with details, but we are sure that they will come out.  We know politics and secrets never seem to stay hidden long.
That’s it from the coup for this Monday, hope everyone has a great week.
Chicken Scratch

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