by Brad Raynes ( Robeline Police Department)

In the spirit of that great American Patriot Paul Revere, we are spreading the alarm, or at least the longawaited news that Robeline will finally succumb to that relentless and devastating attack by local media and self-styled pundits that have nothing better to do than cause or maintain an uproar about this situation! The signs are coming!

In the interest of fairness, we want to set the record straight concerning some of the details that have been mis-represented or left out concerning the signs for the Village of Robeline. It seems that some folks have only part of the information!

When Rep. Howard and Mayor Behan shook hands in the Senate hearing in Baton Rouge, it was a done deal, or so we thought. Mayor Behan is a man of his word and was fully committed to honoring his part of the agreement! Since the counsel/Representative for DOTD (Department Of Transportation & Development) had been in the meeting from the beginning, the only signage that had been discussed was signage that would come from DOTD, be erected by DOTD and be maintained by DOTD!  The only part that was not DOTD was that the Village of Robeline would reimburse DOTD for the cost involved. However, upon talking with the DOTD officials that handle the signage it was determined that there were no official DOTD signs that met the requirements of that agreement. DOTD Officials also advised that the signage already in place (Speed Checked by Radar) was not official DOTD signage and was removed. With the advice of Legislators and the DOTD officials (who ought to know what is legal and proper) we have taken no further action on the matter.  The town council has been aware of the situation from the beginning and are in agreement with the Mayor.(And no, the Village of Robeline is not going to erect signs on private property just to make some folks happy!)

We were recently informed that the DOTD would, in effect, create some signage to be erected on State right of way, and be maintained by the State. We do not have a problem with this, as it is in accordance with the agreement struck by Rep. Howard and Mayor Behan.When presented with the paperwork from DOTD regarding the cost of the signs, the Village of Robeline will do their part and pay for the signage.

As side note, we would like to inform Rep. Howard of what is surely some un-intended consequences to the speed limit signs being changed. While the number of tickets being written has shown no depreciable results, we have observed that vehicles, west bound, especially large trucks coming into the “S curve” are having to brake harder (as evidenced by smoke coming from tires) to make the curve. In effect, the S curve” has become a little more dangerous due to the failure of drivers to reduce speed from 55 mph to the 35-mph limit. Before the change, the vehicles had to slow from the 55mph to the 45 mph to the 35 mph limits, providing a longer distance to reduce speed, thereby making it easier when entering the curve. Of course, this was predicated upon the vehicles obeying the speed limit signs. Now, if the drivers are not paying attention to the speed limit signs, they approach the curve at a much higher speed because the 55mph limit was moved much closer to the downtown area thereby increasing the danger of not making the curve. Just some food for thought Rep. Howard.

One last thought for your consideration, and this is intended for all parties involved, the Bible says “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men” Rom. 12:18.

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