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Lieutenant Colonel Jay D. Oliphant Jr. was promoted June 26th to Louisiana State Police Deputy Superintendent of Patrol. The promotion goes into effect Friday, June 29 at 6 am. The position became available when Lt. Col. David Staton retired.

Prior to his appointment, Major Oliphant Jr. held the rank of Major of Region 3 and Captain overseeing operations for Troop E in Alexandria. Region 3 consists of Troop F in Monroe, Troop G in Bossier City and Troop E in Alexandria.

He began his law enforcement career in 1991 with the Natchitoches Police Department. In 1994, he was hired as a Louisiana State Police Trooper at Troop E. In 1997, he transferred to the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Section before transferring back to Troop E in 2000. In 2002, he obtained the rank of Sergeant, at Troop E, before transferring to the Louisiana State Police’s Narcotics Section. In 2005, Major Oliphant Jr. was promoted to Lieutenant at Troop G in Shreveport and in 2008 transferred to the Louisiana State Police’s Bureau of Investigations/Shreveport Field Office where he served as the O.I.C. (Officer In Charge). In 2010, he transferred to Louisiana State Police’s Bureau of Investigations/Alexandria Field Office where he served as the Executive Officer before being promoted to Captain over Region 3. In 2013, he was transferred to Commander of Troop E in Alexandria.

A few of Major Oliphant Jr.’s career accomplishments include being a member of the Louisiana State Police’s Tactical/S.W.A.T. team for nine years, a counter-sniper for six years, a member of LSP’s Mobile Field Force, and a defensive tactics instructor. Major Oliphant Jr. has also participated in numerous details over his career including the Hurricane Katrina detail in New Orleans.

Major Oliphant Jr. is the proud father of Kaitlin Oliphant and Jay D. Oliphant III. He was born and raised in Natchitoches and currently resides there. He is the son of Hattie P. Oliphant (Ware) and the late Jay D. Oliphant Sr. of Natchitoches.

Major Oliphant Jr. is looking forward to maintaining Louisiana State Police’s high level of professionalism and integrity. He brings with him 27 years of law enforcement experience, including numerous investigative skills and specialized training.

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